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I’m not sure whether I’m conflicted about this next book or merely procrastinating. They are three possibilities. I’ve already mentioned them to you One is a story about what happens when the meek, whoever they are, inherit the earth, as it is written they will. The second is how the King of the Craw was killed, and why, and how  [ Read More ]


  The early returns are in.  The reactions to the opening copy for the More To Come manuscript have been  encouraging. The consensus was “we like it, tell me more, stay with it.” Which I’m tempted to do. But…. I didn’t quite realize how difficult a task I’d set myself. Making a story out of all that, a “story” of  [ Read More ]


To refresh your memory, I’m at the start of a new book and can’t decide which idea to follow,  So I’m doing a recon. The idea is to load a few chapters of the one I’ve started here and see what sort of reaction it gets. Loaded the first chapter last week. This is the second. If the piece seems  [ Read More ]


I’m at the start of a new book and have a couple of ideas in mind. Can’t decide which to try.  So I’m doing a recon. The idea is to load a few chapters of the one I’ve started on here and see what sort of reaction it gets. If the piece seems to appeal, I’ll stay with it. If  [ Read More ]


So Theo is home. The story of his return was made public at the Kentucky Book Fair  Saturday, Nov. 16. The curious or interested can know it all now. And I, as his chronicler, am, I think, done.Or more accurately, he is done with me. We got along fine, but he’d had enough of me looking over his shoulder and digging into  [ Read More ]

At The Kiwanis

In FK for the Kentucky Book Fair tomorrow. Spoke at the Kiwanis Club meeting yesterday … a little  about “When Theo Came Home”… read just a bit of it to give them an idea of how the words hang together, but mostly about writing — about them writing, about each of them having unique and important stories  that will be  [ Read More ]

Neither rain, nor snow, nor…..

Up across the Piedmont of North Caroline to Asheville, hang a right there and wiggle through the gorge through the Smokies to Knoxville, drop down onto the Cumberland Plateau to Williamsburg where Theo had his run-in with Niccan Dye and overnight there.  Up early the next morning with temps in the low thirties and snow spitting down . Run through  [ Read More ]



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    border=0In October of 1941, the coatless body of a prominent journalist is found lying in the snow beside a lonely road in the mountains of east Kentucky, over one hundred miles from his home. No one knows why he is there, or how he got there. Though the story is the biggest in the state that year, the mystery is never solved.

    Thirty years later a letter from a dying Melungeon elder sets his son in search of answers he doesn't want and gives Theo Clark a story he cannot write ... a story of pride, ambition, retribution and justice - the story of the Dannans and Jesse Bristow.

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