The story of one of Kentucky’s baddest bad men (Concerning The Matter Of The King Of Craw) turned out to be among the most popular reads at the Kentucky Book Fair and is on its way now to becoming an audio book.

The Kentucky Book Fair is one of the largest in the Southeast. One hundred seventy authors were on hand and over 3,000 book lovers came, drawn by authors such as Craig Johnson, who brought Walt Longmire with him. Wendell Barry was there. And Barney Frank and Bobby Ann Mason, and J.D. Vance with his Hillbilly Elegy, along with a host of other first rate story tellers from all over.

Copies of The King were all gone before noon. It ranked in the top ten in sales.

This was my fourth trip to the Fair. I’d been before with Theo (the Theo Trilogy.) Enjoyed them all. This one was the best – thanks to the notorious John Fallis, the King of Craw, and the power of his story. He was the hero of the poor and downtrodden, the nemesis of the powers that be. Craw was the notorious red-light district in Kentucky’s capital city that flourished during the Roaring Twenties and was famous all the way down to New Orleans. Fallis is a folk icon now, his feats are the stuff of legend.

We’ll start recording the audio-book version this coming Monday, (February 20.) I’ll do the reading. There is a certain risk in the author reading his own work. I tried to voice the written version as if I was telling it to you, as if we were talking together. I’ll read it that way.

The finished product, ready for download on all digital devices and available on audio CDs, is scheduled for release in early May.