At last a Soccer Book for Spectators!

Soccer book for moms and dads and relativesAt last, a book written for the spectator that clearly explains the game and gives pointers on how to watch and get real enjoyment from it.

SOCCER, A SPECTATOR’S GUIDE is the ideal book for the soccer parent, the budding high school or college fan, and even for those getting introduced to soccer at the professional level.

“What To Watch For” sections at the end of each chapter are a special bonus. If you didn’t grow up watching or playing soccer, this is the book for you.


This is a great book. If you want to know what soccer is about, this is the book for you. My husband is the coach of our local high school team. Before I read this book all I knew was you can’t use your hands. This book has been invaluable. I actually know what’s going on now.” M.L. Lane – Clinton, Tennessee

“It’s written in plain English, not ‘soccer language’ so everyone can understand it. Not only is it fun to read, you actually learn something useful by reading it. It’s not too long, either. Every soccer mom, dad, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc. should read it. It will make going to any soccer game enjoyable.” A. Stewart – Irvine, California


Former sportswriter and columnist Ron Rhody and Chris Rhody, a Division I player at Georgetown University and nationally licensed coach, team up to provide a clear and understandable explanation of soccer for all in SOCCER, A SPECTATOR’S GUIDE.

SOCCER, A SPECTATOR’S GUIDE can be purchased at all of the major online retailers and ordered in all major bookstores including

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