The Girl’s Name — Or The Woman’s?

We’re getting early copies of the new book, Concerning The Matter Of The King Of Craw, out to reviewers and a few others whose opinions make a difference.  Nash Cox is one of them. She was Mary Nash when I knew her as a girl in that little town in a bend of the Kentucky River where we grew up. Nash now – an accomplished and sophisticated woman.  Should I sign the copy for her to Nash or Mary Nash?

Professor Charles M. Hudson, noted academic, author, and world-renown authority on Indian cultures the Southeastern United States, was Monk when we were boys there together. I never, ever, called him Charles, or Charlie,  as all his colleagues did. I didn’t know a Charlie. I knew a Monk. I did not do that in circles where he might find it embarrassing,  But otherwise, anywhere, everywhere – Monk. He did similarly, smilingly, with me … Ronnie – especially in circles where I pretended to bit of dignity.

Nash? Or Mary Nash? The girl’s name … or the woman’s? Not as inconsequential a thing as it might seem.